Galica Galaxy


Galica Galaxy is a story about when worlds collide. In this universe we explore what happens when an alternate universe was also created by God to see how people with greater abilities would co-exist, but one day there was great chaos and war which led to the Cosmic Clipse or "CC" which tore a rip in the universe which connected the regular universe with a whole new universe filled with beings of higher abilities. With the "CC" occuring it also changed the regular universe and some of the people and environments as well.

How will these universes co-exist?

What would some do with their new abilities?

Stay tuned...


Artistboy G

After the Cosmic Clipse. Grey Clarkson aka Artistboy G life changed as he gained the ability to bring his art to life. Artistboy G has the powers to bring his artwork from any surface to reality as his blood also has been modified and also is a source of creativity and art supply.

Prior to the "CC" he was a well-known street artist as he did art shows, mural, and also highlighted for his graffitti. Even tho he was a creative soul, he also  had mischievous ways about him that would get him in trouble often. Wanting to live better he tried to be more of service and use his art for good but sometimes life got in the way.

Artistboy G

Grey Clarkson


Tattoo Artist/Painter/Taxi Driver

Ability to create from his imagination and bring to life with powers.

ArtistboyG 2021.jpg

Savior Chavez aka Sexy COP

Captain of the Chamcidion City PD. Before becoming Captain, he was top of his class and All American Athlete. But after the slaying of Sister Hailey the owner of the Chamcidion City Orphanage where he was raised at was killed he dedicated his life to the Badge and also served in the Army and Military Services. He rised fast in his ranking and with the "CC" occurring he was transformed into the Supreme cop, Stylish cop, The Incredible Sexy Cop.

With enhanced abilities and the power to transform energy into different forms and weapons. Sexy Cop has become a beacon for Earth forces as a member of The United Knights of Earth which is a coalition of Earth's finest from all forms of armed forces and front line servants against Global and Universal Threats.

Reddro Oct2021.jpg

Reddro Ashanti

Red Reaper

Dhamiri Ashanti 2021A.jpg

Dhamiri Ashanti

Stone Kingdom

Hannibal 2020.jpg

Hannibal Ashanti

Death From Above

Dalya 2020.jpg

Dalya Ashanti

Floral Flame

Ashanti Armada

Hailing from the Galica Galaxy is the mighty Ashanti Armada. A crew of brothers with their ally Dalya. The five brothers are leaders and rulers in their own rights. All leaders of their respective regions but heavy is the head of the one wearing the crown. Not all want the crown  but owning their own paths is the story we will explore.